Esta Todo Bien

Tuki Jencquel

While the healthcare system in Venezuela comes crashing down, and millions of people flee the country, a doctor, a pharmacist, an activist and two cancer patients are trying to survive amidst the chaos. They face the daily dilemma of choosing to stay or flee. Activist Francisco Valencia puts his life on the line to distribute medicines illegally, but how long can he keep it up?

This remarkable and distressing documentary from Venezuela gives a face to the millions of people suffering in daily misery from the wretched state the country is in. There is a serious shortage of medicines and medical staff; the doctors who are still working see people suffering unnecessarily or even dying on a weekly basis. The film follows a pharmacist who has to send her clients away every day, a doctor still doing his residency who is barely managing to scrape by, two cancer patients who are desperately looking for medication, and an activist risking everything to help others get the medicines they need. In acting sessions, filmed in black and white, they play out the impossible daily dilemmas they have to face.

In 2018, activist Francisco Valencia received the Human Rights Award at the Canadian Embassy in Venezuela.

Está Todo Bien has been selected for the Activist competition and will be screened at Movies that Matter Festival 2019 (22-30 March, The Hague).


Tuki Jencquel
Tuki Jencquel
Country of production
Venezuela, Germany
70 minutes
Spoken language
World Sales