Even After Death

Douglas Herman, Said Reza Hossini Adib

Both poetic and disturbing tribute to the many refugees who have drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe. A plea against neglect, and for a human outlook on the realities at the European borders. Filmed by refugee filmmakers who themselves survived the deadly Mediterranean crossing.

Dr. Pavlidis has the gruesome job of examining bodies of drowned refugees. He tries to identify them with the help of DNA and their personal belongings. For him, the most important aspect of his work is respect: ‘Respect for the bodies, and respect for the relatives who wait for some news from someone.’

Since 2014, an estimated 20.000 people have died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to request asylum in Europe. Pavlidis is one of the people in Even After Death who testify about the impact this crisis has on everybody involved. People like Fereshta, now living in Athens, who lost her two daughters and her husband during the crossing. Or Philipp and Giulia, who carry out search and rescue missions at sea. And Teodoros, the coroner at a Lesvos hospital who tries to give the deceased refugees a respectful burial. All of them refuse to look away, and with a quiet dignity bring humanity to the refugee crisis.


Douglas Herman, Said Reza Hossini Adib
Country of production
Poland, United Kingdom
55 minutes
Spoken language
English, Farsi, Greek
Production company
ReFOCUS Media Labs