Arie Esiri, Chuko Esiri

Mofe works in a factory in Lagos and makes arrangements to emigrate to Spain. Rosa is a hairdresser, dreaming of going to Italy with her pregnant teenage sister. But surviving in a world of dependencies and manipulation is hard when you can hardly pull any strings at all.

Mofe works as an electrical repairman in a factory and is a security guard on the side. His dream is to go to Spain – he even bought an illegal passport with the name ‘Sanchez’ in it. After he finds his sister Precious and her children asphyxiated by a faulty generator in their apartment, he runs into one financial obstacle after another. At the doctor, at the bank, at the casket maker. In order to pay his expenses, he visits his estranged father, which only makes things worse.

Rosa is a hairdresser, working as a bartender on the side. She lives with her younger sister Grace, who is pregnant. They want to go to Italy together but are struggling to come up with the needed money. Mr. Vincent the landlord is offering to help, but not for nothing. On top of that, the woman who arranges their visas lets Grace make a heartbreaking promise. Impressive, slow-burning debut by the brothers Arie and Chuko Esirie, capturing the bristling beauty of Lagos.


Arie Esiri, Chuko Esiri
Country of production
116 minutes
Spoken language
World Sales
Pascale Ramonda