For a Moment, Freedom

Arash T. Riahi

Two young Iranians try to bring Asy and Arman to Turkey to be reunited with their parents who live in Austria. This tragicomic drama is based partly on the personal experiences of director Arash Riahi who at the age of ten fled to Austria with his family after his father was tortured in Iran.  Ali and Merdad, two young Iranian men, try to bring sevenyear-old Asy and five-year old Arman to Turkey to be reunited with their parents who live in Austria. Whilst waiting for
their visas in Ankara, they come in contact with other Iranian refugees. They meet Lale and Hussan, a married couple who are traveling with their son, trying to convince Turkish
authorities that they are unsafe in their own country. They also meet an Iranian teacher and a young Kurd who provide some comic relief in the film. Riahi’s first fiction film. Prior to this film, Riahi made several documentaries, including Exile Family Movie.

For a Moment, Freedom is  Riahi’s first fiction film. Prior to this film, Riahi made several
documentaries, including Exile Family Movie.


Arash T. Riahi
$return, Veit Heiduschka
Country of production
Austria, France
110 minutes
Spoken language
English, Persian, Turkish
World Sales
Les Films du Losange