From Ghetto to Parliament

Thimaud de Driesen

Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, is a successful musician and, more importantly, a freedom fighter from Uganda. From the slums he works his way up to become an elected representative in national parliament, where his outspokenness sets him apart… and gets him into trouble. Meanwhile, he continues to champion a better and more just Uganda.

Current political leaders in Uganda do not like the social criticism of reggae artist Bobi Wine. They are therefore ‘not amused’ when he wins a seat in parliament. Corruption, violence and intimidation are rife in Ugandan society, as testified by the incumbent president’s plans to change the Constitution to abolish the age limit for presidents and stay on for another term.

During the vote on the constitutional amendment, the president turns out to be bribed and all his political opponents are forcefully removed from parliament by a group of armed men. However, Wine receives international media coverage as he posts uplifting messages on social media aimed at his supporters. He also conveys his political message during his concerts, which wins him the support of a large group of young constituents. Yet abuse of power and violence thwart this passionate musician’s ambitions and his struggle for democracy and freedom in Uganda.


Thimaud de Driesen
Solomon geheim, Thimaud de Driesen
Country of production
Netherlands, The, Uganda
58 minutes
Spoken language
English, Local languages