Sam de Jong

Colourful film by Sam de Jong (Prins) about Goldie, the headstrong, feisty teenager who fights te keep her sisters with her after their mother has been arrested. Sprinkled with a healthy dose of glamour, this film shows the stark reality of a girl who has few options, and yet still seems to have near-infinite power, bravura and persistence.

Goldie is a star... Well, maybe she still has a way to go, but she is a star in the eyes of her younger sisters, Sherrie and Supreme. And if it is up to them, it will not take long before the rest of the world knows her name. She is just waiting for her big break. Meanwhile, she considers it her mission in life to keep her sisters out of the hands of the authorities. Their mother has been arrested and the girls are minors, which means that they should be put in foster care. But that is not an option for Goldie. With so many obstacles in front of her, it is not easy for this ambitious teenager to fulfil her dreams, but she simply refuses to give up. A film that is full of power, attitude and optimism, while depicting the raw reality of underprivileged children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the USA.


Sam de Jong
Country of production
United States
89 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Fox Searchlight Pictures
World Sales
Dutch distributor
Cherry Pickers