Guardians of the Earth

Filip Antoni Malinowski

A peek behind the scenes at the climate change conference in Paris in 2015. Delegates from nearly two hundred countries convened to address one of the biggest problems of our times: climate change. But how do you achieve consensus when each country’s interests are so different?

The Paris accord, reached during the 2015 climate summit in the French capital, marks one of the biggest milestones in history for agreements on sustainability and energy consumption. For the first time, representatives from 195 countries met to make agreements about reducing global warming.

The film gives us an exceptional peek behind the scenes of the negotiations, which hit rough patches on more than one occasion. The mission of the organizers is to get as many countries as possible following a single course of action, but political, financial and societal interests generally mean that participants are diametrically opposed. Despite the complexity of the issues at hand, the delegates manage to reach an agreement. But what is that agreement worth if the signatory countries do not stick to it?

Guardians of the Earth is part of the Save the Planet theme programme.


Filip Antoni Malinowski
Country of production
85 minutes
Spoken language
English, French, German
Production company
Soleil Film GmbH
World Sales
AUTLOOK Filmsales