Kasi Lemmons

Exciting biopic about Harriet Tubman, who escaped slavery and became one of America’s true heroes. Through the ‘Underground Railroad’ – a network of secret routes and safe houses – Tubman helped rescue dozens of slaves.

Minty Ross is born into slavery on a Maryland plantation. When she is about to be sold by her owner, and as a consequence to be separated from her husband John Tubman, she escapes. After a 100 mile journey on foot she finds herself in the free state of Philadelphia, where she not only gets a new name – Harriet Tubman – but also a gun and a fake ID.

When she goes back to Maryland to try to bring John to Philadelphia, she ends up bringing eight people into freedom. It turned out to be only the first of several rescue missions. When she is introduced to the ‘Underground Railroad’ – a network used by enslaved African-Americans to escape to the northern states or to Canada – her trips become increasingly dangerous.

Harriet is the Chosen by pick by rapper and poet Akwasi. 


Kasi Lemmons
Country of production
United States
125 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Focus Features
Dutch distributor
Universal Pictures International (Nederland)