Here We Move Here We Groove

Sergej Kreso

DJ Soko, the ‘Godfather of Balkan Beats’, goes on a musical road trip looking for ‘a new sound for Europe’. Just like he brought new influences in the 1990s, refugees and migrants today do the same. Exciting and hopeful documentary about the way music can transcend differences and build bridges.

Robert Soko came to Berlin as a refugee from Bosnia when he was 19. Starting in the Berlin club scene, he became very popular with a musical style mixing Western music and Balkan rhythms and melodies: Balkan Beats. It reached its worldwide peak in the first decade of the 2000s. But now, Soko’s own music cannot inspire him anymore. ‘I’m pretending’, he says. ‘I’m lying.’

He takes off on a European road trip, ‘sound hunting’ for a new musical language. He goes looking for his roots in the Balkans, where today refugees from Syria and Afghanistan are bringing their own styles. He collaborates with musicians from all over the world. Like young rapper Ferdows from Afghanistan, dreaming of going to Germany and setting up a little home studio. Once he’s in Berlin, he plans to look up Soko to make music together. But will he make the journey? Warm and human documentary, filled to the brim with music.


Sergej Kreso
Country of production
Netherlands, The
92 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, Bosnian, English, French, German
Production company
World Sales
Rise and Shine