Boris Lojkine

Road movie about young Nigerian woman Hope who sets out on a dangerous journey straight across the desert in an attempt to reach Europe and its prosperity, hoping for a better future. When she is harassed by armed men, Leonard from Cameroon stands up for her. Together, they continue their trip and a romance flourishes between them, despite the precarious situation.

Deep in the desert Leonard meets young Nigerian woman Hope. When she is harassed by armed men, he comes to her defence. Together, they head towards Europe and try to illegally cross into Spain, but their journey is full of pitfalls. Upon arriving in North Africa they soon find themselves in a ghetto where violent gangs rule. Moreover, the crossing is expensive, and Leonard and Hope don’t have any money.

What sacrifices are they willing to make in order to reach the promised land? For his debut movie, director Boris Lojkine worked with amateur actors whose experiences in life are similar to those of the film’s protagonists.


Boris Lojkine
Bruno Nahon
Country of production
91 minutes
Spoken language
English, French
Production company
Zadig Productions
World Sales
Pyramide International