I <3 my muslim

Marjolein Busstra

Carla is a 62-year-old Amsterdam native who has converted to Islam; she is married to Fouad, who is almost 30 years younger. Formerly a Libyan fighter, he now lives in the Netherlands. The film shows their everyday lives, and at the same time outlines a personal perspective on the turmoil in the Middle East and the reaction in Dutch society.

In her younger days, Carla lived a wild life. She was a dancer and an enthusiastic participant in the Amsterdam night scene. Now, many years later, she spends most of her life behind a veil and her new faith forbids her to go to dance parties. Carla does not find that difficult at all, because she has found peace in her faith. And it has also brought her the love of her life: Fouad, a 33-year-old former fighter from Libya. Together, they make a remarkable couple in the working-class district of Amsterdam North. However, Carla’s age has prevented them from starting a family together. For that reason, Fouad has started looking for a second wife. His choice is not easy for Carla, but she allows it because of her love for Fouad. However, life with the three of them proves to be harder than she had thought.

I <3 my muslim has been selected for the Dutch Movies Matter competition.


Marjolein Busstra
Netherlands, The
52 minutes
Arranged or forced marriage, identity, freedom of expression, politics & democracy, religion, war & armed conflict