Imelda Marcos: The Kingmaker

Lauren Greenfield

Portrait of Imelda Marcos, former first lady of the Philippines. A delusional woman, surrounded by servants, sycophants and incredible riches. Having returned from exile, she now hopes to restore the Marcos dynasty with her son Bongbong, who has set his eye on the vice-presidency.

When she and her husband ruled the country it was a paradise on earth, without poverty, suffering or injustice. That, at least, is the picture Imelda Marcos likes to paint – and for all we know, she might even believe it herself. Imelda caught the attention of young and upcoming politician Ferdinand Marcos when she won the Miss Manila competition. In the years that followed, Ferdinand became president and the couple became the epitome of shameless corruption and self-dealing.

Now Imelda lives in shocking denial about what she and her husband have done. Director Lauren Greenfield paints a portrait of a delusional woman, feeling sorry for herself and not prepared to take any blame for plundering the country and suppressing its people. While activists and former political opponents tell horrible stories of torture and abuse during Marcos’ reign, we see Ferdinand jr. (‘Bongbong’) having a go at re-establishing the Marcos dynasty.


Lauren Greenfield
Country of production
Denmark, United States
101 minutes
Spoken language
English, Filipino, Spanish
Production company
Piece of Magic Entertainment
World Sales