Inbetween Worlds

Feo Aladag

Despite the fact that his brother was killed in a previous mission in Afghanistan, German officer Jesper accepts once again being dispatched to a war zone. There he becomes friends with young interpreter Tarik. Powerful movie that raises the question of how humane and helpful soldiers on a peacekeeping mission can be when they have to obey military orders and deal with red tape.

Jesper is in charge of building a new road together with a group of local soldiers, in order to protect the small village from the influence of the Taliban. Young interpreter Tarik is appointed to facilitate the exchanges. Tarik shares an apartment with his student sister in Afghanistan, after unsuccessfully seeking asylum in Germany for years. His parents were killed by the Taliban.

Soon, a friendship develops between Jesper and Tarik. Jesper has to gain the confidence of the village people and the allied Arbaki soldiers. Meanwhile, Tarik and his sister are permanently exposed to threats: he because of his work for the Germans, she for being a student. Jesper wants to help both of them, but orders from above prevent him from doing so.


Feo Aladag
Feo Aladag
Country of production
102 minutes
Spoken language
Dari, English, German, Pashto
Production company
Independent Artists
World Sales
The Match Factory