Jaha’s Promise

Patrick Farrelly, Kate O’Callaghan

Inspiring story of a brave woman’s fight to end female genital mutilation (FGM) in Gambia. When she was one week old, Jaha Dukureh’s clitoris was cut off. From the US, where she was forced to move at 15 to marry, she starts campaigning against FGM. But to really make a difference, she has to go back home.

When she is just one week old, Jaha Dukureh’s genitals are mutilated. She is by no means the only one: over 200 million women and girls are living with the effects of female genital mutilation. After courageously walking away from her arranged marriage in the United States, Jaha decides it’s time for a big change in her life – and that of others.

With her organization Safe Hands for Girls, Jaha works from Atlanta to break the cycle of abuse that affects nearly every women and girl in Gambia. As her campaign balloons and gathers international attention, she realizes that the real work has to be done in her country of birth. We follow her as she confronts her father and religious leaders and raises awareness among rural communities. ‘I’ve come to try to end it,’ she says. ‘Even if that means taking on my family, my tribe, and the whole of Gambia.’

Selected by Cigdem Yuksel (Weapon of Choice).


Patrick Farrelly, Kate O’Callaghan
Country of production
Ireland, United Kingdom, United States
80 minutes
Spoken language
English, Serrahula, Wolof
Production company
Accidental Pictures
World Sales
First Hand Films