Johnny Mad Dog

Jean Stephane Sauvaire

Heavily armed fifteen-year-old thug Johnny heads a ruthless gang in an unnamed African country. The gang’s life evolves around stealing and plundering. Johnny’s life stands in
stark contrast to that of Laokolé, who fights for her disabled father and younger brother. She dreams of a better life. Then Johnny’s gang comes along. Johnny Mad Dog is a film about the horrors of raging civil war in an unnamed African country. The protagonist is Johnny: fifteen years old, heavily armed, and leader of an unscrupulous gang of soldiers. Their life consists of stealing, plundering and murdering anyone they come across. Laokole on the other hand, takes care of her disabled father and younger brother, and dreams of a better life. Until Johnny’s
gang comes along. Johnny Mad Dog is a hard-hitting, violent film - with a message. Director Jean-Stephane Sauvaire will be present at the festival to introduce his film and provide background information. Filmed in Liberia, the majority of the young actors have had first hand experience of the atrocities of civil war involving children. 


Jean Stephane Sauvaire
Country of production
France, Belgium, Liberia
97 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Explicit Films
World Sales
TF1 International