Karama Shorts

Various Directors

Compilation of seven short films in cooperation with Karama Human Rights Festival: January Shift (14'), Human (6'), Maqloubeh (11'), Missing (4'), Love under Siege (16'), Searching for the Translator (29') and Ave Maria (15').

The idea of Karama (“Dignity”) Human Rights Film Festival was initiated in June 2009 by three Rights and Social Justice Activists; Ms. Sawsan Darwaza (Theater Director and Filmmaker), Mr. Ihab Al Khatib (Filmmakers & Producer) and Mr. Ayman Bardawil (Media, Educational Expert & Producer).

While many regional and international human rights (HR) organizations have created and enhanced the discourse on human rights in the region, no significant public platform for the discussion of such issues has occurred in Jordan or the neighboring Arab countries. Considering these reasons, the initiation of Karama by Ma3mal 612 Think Factory came to address the lack of an independent human rights platform that is able to bring complicated notions of human rights issues closer to the general public in addition to other stakeholders in the Arab Region and beyond.


Various Directors
Country of production
120 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival Gaza