The Last Ice

Scott Ressler

Visually stunning portrait of two young Inuit, fighting for the survival of their culture. The melting ice of the Arctic rapidly diminishes their hunting grounds. At the same time, global business interests are preparing a Wild West of economic exploitation.

Young Inuit man Aleqatsiaq partly grew up in Denmark, where his mother was killed. Now he lives in the remote Greenland town Qaanaaq, where his uncle teaches him how to be a hunter. Maatalii is a young woman, recovering from an abusive relationship. Both went back to the land where their culture and history were formed. They are eager to follow in the footsteps of their elders. But their way of life is – once again – threatened by outside forces.

Starting in the 1920s, the Inuit were colonised and forcibly replaced. Now, with the Arctic ice melting, the newly opened water between Greenland and Canada is the focus of global business interests looking to exploit it for shipping, oil extraction and tourism. Many young Inuit are depressed, and suicide rates are high. While Aleqatsiaq is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Maatalii goes on a quest to advocate for the human rights of her people.

The Last Ice has been selected for the Activist competition and is shown as a preview at the Movies that Matter Festival 2020, where Maatalii Okalik will be present as a special guest. 


Scott Ressler
Scott Ressler, Neil Gelinas
Country of production
Canada, Greenland, United States
83 minutes
Spoken language
Danish, English, Greenlandic, Local languages