Long Distance Love

Magnus Gertten, Elin Jönsson

Shortly after the honeymoon of eighteen-year-old Alisher and his wife Dildora is over, Dildora gets pregnant. But how is Alisher going to take care of his wife and the upcoming baby, being unemployed in poor Kirgizia? There seems to be only one option left: go to Moscow and make a living there. Alisher is one of the many inhabitants of Kirgizia to have made this choice. After the Soviet Union fell apart, Kirgizia regained its independence, but the economy is in a poor state. One out of four men in Kirgizia therefore leave the country – mostly to Russia. The migrant workers are having a difficult time, though. The twelve to sixteen million foreign workers in Russia get the poorly paid jobs and live squeezed together in small apartments. When, to make things worse, Alisher is cheated by the agency acting as an intermediary between him and the Russian employers, he takes to the bottle. In the meanwhile, his family is desperately waiting for the money from Moscow to arrive. Will the love between Alisher and Dildora last, now that 2,500 miles separates them?
This documentary has a motion picture ‘look and feel’ due to the sweet atmosphere.


Magnus Gertten, Elin Jönsson
Magnus Gertten, Lennart Ström
Country of production
77 minutes
Spoken language
Kyrgyz, Russian
Production company
Auto Images
World Sales
AUTLOOK Filmsales