Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Justin Chadwick

Unique vision on the genesis of a modern icon. From his childhood in a small village until his presidency of South Africa in the nineties, this poignant movie paints an honest portrait of  Nelson Madiba Mandela.

This long-awaited film was based on the autobiography of the same name about the life of Nelson Mandela. We see him as a young man with a fancy for boxing, fast cars and beautiful women, but also as a talented lawyer and freedom fighter who did not shy away from armed violence to bring his political message across. At Mandela’s own request, the filmmakers provide an overall picture of his life, from his childhood in the countryside, his teenage years, 27 years in prison to his presidency of South Africa. In the latter capacity, he put an end to the apartheid in his country. The film, which took almost twenty years to see the light, had its premiere in South Africa one week before Mandela passed away.
Rock band U2 wrote the song Ordinary Love for the film, which is nominated for the 2014 Oscars.


Justin Chadwick
Anant Singh, David M. Thompson
Country of production
United Kingdom, South Africa
146 minutes
Spoken language
Afrikaans, English, Xhosa
Production company
Videovision Entertainment
World Sales
Pathé International
Dutch distributor
Paradiso Filmed Entertainment