Masterclass Cathrine Gyldensted

Cathrine Gyldensted is the originator of applying positive psychology and related fields to the innovation of journalism. She has pioneered constructive journalism methodologies since 2011 and works with media companies and journalism schools globally. She previously worked for 15 years as an investigative reporter and foreign news correspondent and holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, US. She wrote the book From Mirrors to Movers and trains journalists from all over the world.

Using elements of positive psychology, Gyldensted teaches journalists to approach their subject from a tilted perspective. It is not so much about telling positive stories, but about a 'constructive' approach to a subject. This not only makes it easier for a journalist to discover the positive sides of a story; the approach also encourages the public to think along. Research also shows that such a story lasts longer. In the Netherlands, the digital newspaper De Correspondent and the TV programme Tegenlicht are strong examples of how journalism is practiced in this way. This method is gaining ground worldwide.

Gyldensted has a column in The Guardian and The Huffington Post. She travels all over the world and has also been teaching at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle. In this masterclass, especially for the Movies that Matter Festival, she focused on the possibilities for constructive journalism in feature film and documentary.

This masterclass was part of the Movies that Matter Festival 2016.