Meet the Activist 2022

In the Meet the Activist programme the eight activist from the eight selected Activist films are introduced. A short clip about each activist is shown followed by a conversation with moderator Mirthe Frese about their work, what keeps them motivated and what the international community can do for their case. A number of civil society organisations pitch what they do for and with human rights defenders. After the plenary programme there are speed dates with the activist for selected invitees.

Activist is one of the main programmes of the Movies that Matter Festival and is entirely devoted to (films about) human rights defenders. The program presents eight documentaries about activists, all of whom are guests at the festival for Q&As and meetings. In addition, a personal impact and network program is organized for each of them with agreements with NGOs, media and organizations in the Netherlands that are relevant to them, including Amnesty International, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ICC.

This year in the Activist programme we have activists from - and films about - China, India, the US, Hong Kong, Israel, Czech Republic, Brazil and Malawi. On Friday, April 8 in Meet the Activist, the activists will be introduced and tell more about the work they do, how they stay motivated for their activism and what the biggest challenges are. In addition, some organizations will give a short pitch/presentation of what their organization does for and with activists. Human Rights Ambassador Bahia Tahzib-Lie will open this afternoon.

For this afternoon we invite organizations such as Amnesty International, Free Press Unlimited, Oak Foundation, Hivos, Justice & Peace, Prince Claus Fund, Doc Society, Democracy & Media Foundation, WITNESS, Mama Cash, National Postcode Lottery.

14.30 – 16.30 Meet the Activist programme
16.30 – 17.30 Speeddates Meet the Activist

This event is by invitation only.

Please note that this programme is being recorded. If you visit this programme, you may be filmed.