Meet the Soldier

Teddy Cherim

In Karamoja, North East Uganda, decades of violence have prevented any chance of peace. The violence is a result of the dry climate in the region: inhabitants rely heavily on their cattle, making the lack, or abundance of, these animals the difference between life or death. Lack of cattle not only means a lack of food; social contracts may also force young men into robbing cattle from rival communities, as cattle is often used as a wedding gift. This results in violent, long-lasting conflicts through which too many lives are being lost.

Two soldiers will see the situation through their rival’s eyes, using 3D/ Virtual Reality techniques, in order to create an understanding of their enemy’s situation. Will a change of perspective also change their minds?


Teddy Cherim
Country of production
Netherlands, The
Documentary, Virtual Reality
22 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Dutch distributor
Hack the Planet