Met Mes

Sam de Jong

Both a colorful satire and a tragedy about human nature, in a visually overwhelming style. When the camera of famous television presenter Eveline gets nicked by schoolboy Yousef, Eveline pretends she was violently robbed. This lie has far-reaching consequences for Yousef and herself – consequences that Eveline seems both unable and unwilling to reverse.

Unhappy with her job as a television quiz presenter, Eveline (Hadewych Minis) decides to make a documentary about the social structure in her neighbourhood. ‘I want to add something substantial to society and give meaning to my life,’ she says. With her new video camera she heads into the neighbourhood park, where Yousef (Shahine El-Hamus) and a friend have just cooked up a plan ‘to grab a lot of moneys’. Yousef distracts Eveline, while his friend takes the camera behind her back.

Because the insurance will only pay in case of a violent robbery, Eveline tells the police a lie: that she was robbed by a boy with a knife. When the police make an arrest in the case, Eveline’s lie triggers a chain reaction of far-reaching consequences for Yousef and herself. Third feature film by unique cinematic voice Sam de Jong (Prins, Goldie), also featuring Gijs Naber and Nils Verkooijen.

On April 9, the film can also be seen in various cinemas across the country as part of Kijk Ons.


Sam de Jong
Erik Glijnis, Leontine Petit
Country of production
Netherlands, The
79 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Lemming Film
Dutch distributor