A Monster with a Thousand Heads

Rodrigo Plá

In order to get the medical treatment her very sick husband needs urgently, Sonia takes up the fight against corrupt and negligent employees at her insurance company. She gets dragged into a spiral of violence, unwittingly involving her son as well. This opener of the Orizzonti programme at the Venetian film festival grabs the viewer by the throat and never lets go.

Sonia’s husband suffers from an aggressive form of cancer. When he falls out of his bed due to excruciating pain, Sonia wants more than just the monthly visits to the doctor in order to get started with the expensive medical treatment. In principle, treatment should be reimbursed by her insurance company, but up until now has been denied.

In order to expedite matters, Sonia visits the cold and impersonal office of her insurance company. She has a chilly reception and is forced to wait for hours until she finally gets to talk to the physician in charge of treatment. Disappointed by the unwillingness and icy demeanour of her insurance company, and in sheer desperation to save her sick husband, Sonia loses her temper. She gets dragged into a violent and isolated battle against the multi-headed monster that is the inhumane, corrupt and money-hungry insurance company.


Rodrigo Plá
Country of production
75 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Buenaventura Cine
World Sales
Memento Films International