My Brother The Devil

Sally El Hosaini

Prize-strewn coming of age film about Egyptian brothers Mo en Rashid who grow up in the London Hackney district, where drugs and violence are commonplace. When Mo finds out that Rashid has a liking for men, hell breaks loose.

Sensitive fourteen-year-old Mo idolizes his nineteen-year-old brother Rashid who earns a living for the family as a shrewd businessman and member of a gang of drug dealers. Rashid hopes that his younger brother Mo will choose a different path in life. When a rival gang stabs to death his best friend, Rashid is forced to reconsider the dangerous en violent life he is leading. An encounter with a photographer named Sayyid opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Rashid’s fellow gang members are suspicious of the change in his behaviour. Feeling betrayed by Rashid, Mo becomes delinquent, and his whole world collapses when he discovers that his  beloved brother is gay. Once the gang discovers the truth, they bay for Rashid’s blood. Mo will have to face his own prejudices and the love for his brother.


Sally El Hosaini
Country of production
United Kingdom
111 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Wild Horses Film Company
World Sales
K5 Media Group GmbH