Night Will Fall

Andre Singer

There is extensive footage of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. A team led by Alfred Hitchcock was asked to turn it into a documentary, but the project was never finished. Seventy years later, André Singer finally completed the film. Night Will Fall tells the story of how it came about.                 

When the Nazi concentration camps were dismantled, the Allied Forces decided to meticulously document what they discovered there, to prove it had really happened. Camera men of the American, British and Russian army spent hours filming footage that was later used in the Nuremberg Trials against war criminals.

The British government sent film expert Sidney Bernstein to inspect the film’s content. Bernstein subsequently got in touch with his friend Alfred Hitchcock. Although it was only post-production, Bernstein and Hitchcock did not succeed in completing a longer version. The project was cancelled and the material was stored. Almost seventy years later it resurfaced, inducing André Singer, former BBC’s head of documentaries and producer of The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence, to restore and complete the film after all. 


Andre Singer
Country of production
United Kingdom, United States, Israel, Denmark
75 minutes
Spoken language
English, Hebrew, Russian
Production company
Spring Films
World Sales