No Fire Zone – The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka

Callum Macrae

Shocking documentary about the bloody denouement of the Sri Lankan war, which has raged for almost twenty-six years. Using mobile phone footage, filmed by people that were subjected to the atrocities and by those that committed them, director Callum Macrae pieced together a compelling and horrifying film document about a conflict that has been ignored by the international community. The tour de force by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Macrae is dismissed by the Sri Lankan government as a fake documentary.

The film provides overwhelming evidence for the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Sri Lankan army against the Tamil population during the civil war that spread death and destruction in the Spring of 2009. Using video footage recorded by both the civil population and army officials, the film shows 138 days of extreme violence and relentless attacks on Tamil civilians and hospitals by the Sri Lankan armed forces, alongside touching testimonies from civilians who survived the conflict and from two UN officials who were forced to leave the area, which prevented them from fulfilling their mission to protect the population.


Callum Macrae
Zoe Sale
Country of production
United Kingdom
90 minutes
Spoken language
English, Sinhala, Tamil
Production company
World Sales
Channel 4 British Documentary Film Foundation (BRITDOC), The