Numéro Une

Tonie Marshall

Successful businesswoman Emmanuelle Blanchey gets the chance to apply for a position as first female CEO of a French company in the upper segment. Supported by a feminist lobby group, she takes on the challenge, but soon hits the glass ceiling in this male-dominated business community.

Emmanuelle is doing well: she has a good job as senior manager in leading French energy supplier Trident, and a great family. Her ambition and outstanding qualities – she speaks Mandarin fluently – have gained her the attention of a feminist group that advocates a better position and equal opportunities for French female politicians and businesswomen. The current CEO of one of the biggest companies in France is on long-term sick leave and a procedure has been launched to recruit his successor. The lobby group believes Emmanuelle is the perfect candidate to become the first female CEO of a company of this size and status. While supporting her to get the job, they also warn her that she’ll meet with opposition. Emmanuelle takes on the challenge and discovers a world full of intrigue, political games and defamation, making her aware that the coveted position comes at a high price.

Numéro Une is part of the Second Sex theme programme.


Tonie Marshall
Country of production
110 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Tabo Tabo Films
World Sales
Pyramide International
Dutch distributor
O'Brother Distribution