OMARI; geen gezeik

Wouter Vogel

Everyone has an opinion about Selma Omari. She got recognition as a vlogger and has a big Instagram following. She started an independent singing career. She also is the ex girlfriend of rapper Boef. Their seperation led to a media storm. However, Selma doesn’t want to complain, she wants to be a role model for women of colour.

In this portrait of Selma Omari the viewer gets a peak into her life. It started in Crooswijk. Not only does the movie show how Selma felt growing up there, but also Selma’s neighbours and friends get their say. Selma’s relation to Crooswijk is ambiguous. She was bullied, but it also made here the person she is today. She always believed that she wasn’t “as much of an outcast, but more of an underdog”. This ambiguity also comes across in the conversations with the neighbours. They see Selma achieving things, yet they also show a lot of prejudice towards her.

Selma is confronted with sexism and racism. With sexy clothing she can’t possibly be a good muslim. And does she have to wear such revealing clothes? In apt wording she raises awareness for these issues. She fights for equality for women of colour and feels a lot of pressure to be a good role model. Because like her history teacher tells: Selma expects there will be a third feminist wave and it will be led by women of colour. And Selma wants to be at the forefront.


Wouter Vogel
Ricardo Bouman
Country of production
Netherlands, The
50 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, Dutch, English
Production company
Represent Represent