Our Land, Our Freedom

Meena Nanji, Zippy Kimundu

Kenyan Wanjugu Kimathi has been searching for years for the body of her father: the legendary ‘Mau Mau’ leader Dedan Kimathi, who was hanged by British colonial rulers. On her mission, she meets former Mau Mau fighters and inspiring activists. Her motto: ‘Let the truth be told without fear.’

Wanjugu Kimathi is the daughter of Dedan Kimathi, the first leader of the Kenya Land and Freedom Army, also known as the Mau Mau. As a child, Wanjugu was deeply moved by the stories of her mother Mukami – Dedan’s wife – about the Mau Mau struggle. From 1952, they revolted against land expropriations by British colonial rulers. In 1957, Dedan was hanged by the British for possession of weapons. His body was dumped in an unknown location.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Wanjugu continues the years-long search for her father’s body. On her quest through Kenya, she meets Mau Mau veterans, families of other dispossessed individuals, and inspiring activists. Furthermore, she discovers new atrocities and mass graves that the British preferred to keep secret. 


Meena Nanji, Zippy Kimundu
Eliane Ferreira, Meena Nanji, Zipporah Kimundu
Country of production
Kenya, United States, Portugal, Germany
100 minutes
Spoken language
English, Swahili
Production company
Afrofilms, Twende Pictures, Muiraquitã Filmes
World Sales
First Hand Films