Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Gini Reticker

Pray the Devil Back to Hell tells the compelling story of the 'Liberian Women of Peace' movement. The women that are dressed in white form the living proof that non-violent action can lead to success, even when traditional diplomacy has failed. They succeed in giving their war-torn country renewed prospects for the future through non-violent action.
This group of brave Liberian women stand up to the violent war gangs and the corrupt regime of Charles Taylor during the bloody civil war. The women, both Christian and Muslim, demand an end to the fighting. When peace talks appear to be leading nowhere, the women prevent negotiators from leaving the conference room. If their blockade is about to be broken up, they threaten to use their most powerful weapon: nudity. Their strategy works. Their demonstrations eventually lead to Charles Taylor's remission of power, and the election of Africa's first female President: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The actions of the 'Liberian Women of Peace' attest to the positive impact of non-violent protest, even when traditional diplomacy fails. They succeed in giving their war-torn country a new future.


Gini Reticker
United States
72 minutes
courts & tribunals, transitional justice, human rights defenders & organizations (Activist), social and peace movements, women & gender