Timur Bekmambetov

When a British journalist goes undercover on social media and pretends to be a Muslim woman, she soon falls under the spell of a jihadist. The charismatic IS fighter tries to recruit her from Syria and the journalist is caught up in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game. Exciting documentary movie in a contemporary form. 

In order to investigate the recruitment of young European women by IS fighters using social media networks, journalist Amy Whittaker creates a fake Facebook profile, pretending to be a Muslim woman. From her living room, she soon attracts the attention of a IS fighter Bilel, a British national with Pakistani roots who candidly tells her about his daily life as a jihadist in Syria. He gets straight to the point, urging her to fly to Syria to marry him. Meanwhile, Amy secretly records their conversations for an investigative journalism show on television. Slowly but surely, Amy gets caught up in a dangerous game in which roles are permanently reversed, and she finds it increasingly difficult to tell truth from lies. 


Timur Bekmambetov
Country of production
United States, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Russia
105 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, English
Production company
Bazelevs Entertainment