Raising Resistance

Bettina Borgfeld, David Bernet

The soil in Paraguay offers perfect growing conditions for soya beans. Thousands of acres of forest have been cleared to make room for vast plantations sprinkled liberally with pesticides. Small farmers are the victims of these practices. Led by the ever-friendly Geronimo, the campesinos rise up in protest.

Most of the soya harvest is used to fatten up livestock in wealthier countries. Meanwhile, the local population bear the brunt of the consequences, receiving none of the profits and forced to fight for their survival. Only the genetically modified soya plants can withstand the pesticides used on the plantations – but the toxic chemicals spread far beyond their boundaries. Not only is there less and less land left over for local farmers, but it is also becoming increasingly impossible for them to grow healthy crops at all. Led by Geronimo Arevalos, the farmers stage a revolution. They occupy a plot of farmland, try to stop pesticides from being sprayed, and let their voice be heard in the media. These farmers will no longer take it lying down – not even when a major demonstration is violently squelched.


Bettina Borgfeld, David Bernet
Oliver Stoltz
Country of production
Germany, Switzerland
84 minutes
Spoken language
English, Guaraní, Portuguese, Spanish
Production company
Dutch distributor
Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduction