Ramchand Pakistani

Mehreen Jabbar

Ramchand Pakistani tells the true story of a seven-year-old boy who accidentally crosses the Indian border after an argument with his mother. When his father finds him, both are arrested on suspicion of espionage, and they disappear behind bars for years. Back in Pakistan, the boy’s mother is desperate.
At the beginning of Ramchand Pakistani the boy runs into the desert and unwittingly crosses the Indian border. His father finds him, but is powerless to stop them both from being imprisoned by Indian soldiers. High tensions between India and Pakistan at the time of their arrest mean that the two spend five years in an Indian prison. For the family, the consequences are devastating. The little boy must learn to cope with finding himself and his father in jail in an inhospitable country. The mother must deal with the sudden disappearance of her husband and son. Not only is the theme of Ramchand Pakistani groundbreaking, the film itself is
as well. Ramchand Pakistani was the first Pakistani film to première in India and Pakistan on the same day.


Mehreen Jabbar
Javed Jabbar
Country of production
Pakistan, United States
105 minutes
Spoken language
Hindi, Urdu
Production company
Project One
World Sales
Project One