Raving Iran

Susanne Regina Meures

Arash and Anoosh dream of a career as techno DJs, but this goal is virtually unattainable in Iran. So they mix at illegal rave parties and try to sell their album 'under the counter' in record shops. Their dream seems to vanish after one of them is arrested, but then an invitation to perform at a major dance festival in Switzerland opens up new perspectives.

Techno DJs Arash and Anoosh yearn to make a living as full-blown musicians. But Iran provides no fertile soil for the music they make. Nonetheless, they decide to produce an album, but printing businesses are reluctant to print its cover design, which features a skull and English lyrics. When they finally succeed in getting the CD printed, the next problem lies ahead: no record shop owner is reckless enough to sell the album as they are frequently subjected to police controls and some face repeated closure orders. Apart from the album’s design failing to meet the requirements, the music itself is strictly forbidden, all the more since a woman sings along on the disc. Mixing at underground and illegal parties and festivals is an alternative, but a very difficult one.

When one of them is arrested at an illegal party and put in prison, despair sets in. In order to keep the dream of a life filled with music and freedom alive, they consider leaving the country illegally. But then an official invitation from a major techno festival in Switzerland arrives.


Susanne Regina Meures
Country of production
85 minutes
Spoken language
English, German, Persian
Production company
Christian Frei Filmproduktionen GmbH
World Sales
Rise and Shine