A River Below

Mark Grieco

Deep in the Amazon lives the indigenous pink dolphin. This almost mythical and docile species is being hunted to extinction because it is an easy catch for local fishermen, who use its flesh to hunt scavenger fish.

A Brazilian TV-star and a marine biologist have their own approach in fighting for the perseverance of the animal. When a scandal erupts, the stakes get higher and ethical questions are raised. Brazilian TV-star Richard Rasmussen uses his successful television program on National Geographic to get the public’s attention when it comes to the illegal slaughtering of the animals. Renowned marine biologist Fernando Trujillo also attempt to save the pink dolphin. Not only is the animal nearly extinct, the fish that is caught with the meat of the dolphin and sold for consumption is highly toxic. Both men have their own strategy in achieving their goal. As the fight to save the dolphins becomes more intense, the question is raised what sacrifices are acceptable in the battle for this endangered animal and what are the grander social, economic and environmental issues involved. A scandal uncovers interesting ethical matters. A River Below is a beautiful documentary with an unexpected turn, holding a mirror to us about our fight for a better world.

A River Below is part of the Save the Planet and Resist theme programmes.


Mark Grieco
Country of production
United States, Colombia
87 minutes
Spoken language
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Production company
World Sales
Paradigm Talent Agency