Salim Abu Jabal

After fifty years living in the same home, built from corrugated steel and canvas, an elderly couple in the northern Israeli city of Haifa in the Roshmia Valley are forced to relocate due to the construction of a new road. A mediator tries to help, but tensions rise as moving day approaches.

Yousef and Amna are both nearly eighty years old. For fifty years, they have been living in a humble home built from corrugated steel and canvas, located in the Roshmia Valley, a deep gorge in Haifa. As the city advances, the local tranquillity is frequently disturbed by the sounds of lorries roaring past. To make way for a new road construction project, the authorities force the elderly couple to relocate. They are defiant and desperate, especially Yousef. He has had to endure a great deal from the conflict and the oppression, and he wants to spend his final days at this spot.

The film observes the squabbling, chain-smoking couple in their last days of their stay in the Roshmia Valley. They have no children and receive few visitors, even though nowadays journalists regularly visit to interview them about their situation. A man tries to help as their mediator, negotiating with the municipality for decent compensation. Meanwhile, demolition day approaches and tensions rise.


Salim Abu Jabal
Rafia Oraidi
Country of production
Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, United Arab Emirates
70 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Boujabel Productions