Smuggling Hendrix

Marios Piperides

Cypriot comedy about Jimi, a cute dog living with his owner Yiannis in the Greek part of Cyprus. When Yiannis isn’t looking, Jimi suddenly runs across the border to the Turkish part of the island. While people are free to travel between the Greek and Turkish parts, it’s a whole different story for animals. Yiannis dives headlong into an unexpected and humorous adventure to retrieve his faithful companion. 

In the ‘Greek South’ of the island of Cyprus, Yiannis lives a life that is far from glamorous. As a failed musician, he has not paid his rent in months, and his girlfriend has left him for someone else. But fortunately he still has his cute little dog Jimi. While he tries to stay out of the hands of two shady loan sharks who want money, Yiannis is counting the days until he can finally leave Cyprus for good. He has a plan to go and live in the Netherlands and rekindle his career as a musician there.

When Yiannis goes out walking one day and loses sight of his faithful companion for just a moment, the dog suddenly rushes over to the Turkish side of the island. Yiannis tries to get him back, but the border guard tells him that it is strictly forbidden to transport dogs from the Turkish North to the Greek South of Cyprus. He comes up with a plan to smuggle Jimi across the border, but he will need the help of some befriended Turkish Cypriots to make it work. Hilarious movie set against the backdrop of an absurd political situation.


Marios Piperides
Country of production
93 minutes
Spoken language
English, Greek, Turkish
World Sales
The Match Factory