Aida Begic

It is 1997. Six women and four girls live in a war-torn town in Eastern Bosnia. Apart from a grandfather and a little boy, their male relatives and friends have been taken away and murdered two years ago. They try to survive by selling jam after almost all male members of their family have been murdered. When two businessmen arrive, villagers are faced with a dilemma. Soak Put’s magical yet realistic debut film
Snow won the Cannes Critics Prize. In the mountainous area of Eastern Bosnia a family of six women, a grandfather, four girls and a boy live in the wartorn town of Slavno. Other male family members and friends
were taken away and murdered two years earlier. The bodies have never been found. The surviving inhabitants of the town try to survive by selling jam. When two businessmen visit Slavno, the villagers are faced with a dilemma. The businessmen offer to pay the inhabitants for leaving their town and homes. Together, the inhabitants decide not to take up the offer. Then the town is hit by a sudden autumn storm.
It begins to snow, and the town becomes totally isolated from the outside world. How does this impact on the villagers and the real estate developers?
Snow is the first film by Aida Begic. Through her work, she aims to address issues pertinent to the survivors of ethnic cleansing: sadness and a strong attachment to the places where they last saw their loved ones alive.


Aida Begic
Country of production
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, France, Iran
100 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
World Sales
Pyramide International
Dutch distributor
Cinema Delicatessen