The Suffering Grasses

Iara lee

The conflict in Syria from the viewpoint of the ordinary citizens, who are being crushed in the ongoing struggle.

Set against the backdrop of the Arab Spring and the complex political situation in the Middle East, this film looks at the ongoing conflict in Syria. Men, women and children who have been tortured, killed or chased into the misery of refugee camps across the Turkish border. Korean-Brazilian filmmaker Iara Lee uses interviews and amateur video footage to show how the initially peaceful revolution turned into an armed conflict fought by civilians with wide-ranging motives, who form an army only in name. The desire to break free of the hopeless situation produces a steady stream of recruits and weapons. In writings, drawings and interviews, children express the people's anger, fear, sadness and hope. Lee also looks at the role played by the international community. She juxtaposes public indifference and flashmobs demanding global attention for the suffering of the Syrian people. Russia and China may have vetoed the weapons embargo, but there are still the initiatives set up to provide the population with basic medical needs. Not to mention cameras, ‘the eye of the revolution’.


Iara lee
Country of production
United States
51 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, English
Production company
Cultures of Resistance
World Sales
Taskovski Films