Tea or Electricity

Jérôme le Maire

Epic story about the installation of a power supply network in an isolated Moroccan village in the Atlas mountains. The poor inhabitants of Ifri would be best served by a road to connect their hamlet with the civilised world. The Moroccan government has other plans, however… What will the modern age hold for this mountain village, where time seems to have come to a standstill?

At an altitude of 2600 metres in the Atlas Mountains lies the village Ifri. Time seems to have come to a standstill here. Amenities are lacking: no school or hospital and the only way to reach the civilised world is by foot. Conditions are extremely harsh, especially in winter. A road through the mountains would be a real relief for the poor village dwellers. The Moroccan government has decided, however, to connect the village to the power grid. Hoping that this modern facility will eventually enable a connection with the outside world, the village dwellers offer their help in building the power network. Meanwhile, they cut out the road leading to their village, with little or no tools and putting their own lives in jeopardy.

Contemplative documentary by Belgian filmmaker Jérôme le Maire, who closely followed the events in Ifri for more than three years.


Jérôme le Maire
Country of production
Belgium, France, Morocco
93 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, Berber
Production company
Iota Production