Todos tus muertos

Carlos Moreno

Absurdist and imaginative Colombian tragicomedy. One morning squinting farmer Salvador finds a pile of dead bodies in his cornfield. In panic, Salvador cycles to the village to warn the authorities. But no one seems to be interested in his story on what happens to be Election Day.

Ordinary farmer Salvador’s daily routine is cruelly disrupted when he discovers that someone dumped a pile of dead bodies in his field. Aghast, Salvador goes to the village to report the massacre. There, the mayor and police lieutenant turn a blind eye to the dead bodies, the story of which could jeopardize the elections. Fearful of unleashing a public scandal, they do everything in their power to cover up the murders. Meanwhile, the burning sun, buzzing mosquitoes, ringing telephones and a tenacious human rights organization make it difficult for them to stifle the affair.

In Todos tus muertos, director Carlos Moreno highlights a society that has lost the ability to feel pain and compassion for other people. The comedy, which is considered politically incorrect by many Colombians, uses sharp sarcasm to condemn the civil war. Todos tus muertos is Moreno’s second movie, after making his debut with Perro come perro, which was nominated for a Goya Award. 


Carlos Moreno
Country of production
90 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
64ª Films
World Sales
64ª Films