Town On a Wire

Uri Rosenwaks, Eyal Blachson

Good-hearted, idealistic mayor of an Israeli town attempts to close the gap between the Palestinian and Israeli population in poverty-ridden and derelict Lod. He overcomes numerous obstacles by listening, talking and exerting patience. But his mission is undermined by gang wars, inequality, mutual distrust and a changing political climate.

Lod, a Tel Aviv suburb, was baptized ‘city of God’ by the ancient Romans. Divinity is hard to find these days, as the poverty-ridden, derelict neighbourhoods are reminiscent of a war zone and violent drug gangs terrorize the streets. Not to mention the vendetta between two Arab families, causing bloodshed on either side.

Together with courageous Faten, a progressive woman who represents the Palestinian community, the mayor attempts to find solutions for his town’s complex problems. Meanwhile, peaceful coexistence between both communities is hindered by inequalities and mutual suspicion. The local community centre managed by fanatic Israelis is off limits for the Palestinians, and the town’s financial means are unequally distributed, according to Faten.

Gradually the mayor makes some progress: the vendetta between the families is settled and a special event for Arab children is organized in the community centre. His respectful and friendly approach earns the mayor recognition among the leaders of the Arab community and eases the tensions between both groups. But all his efforts might well prove to be in vain with the election of a new mayor when his term is up.


Uri Rosenwaks, Eyal Blachson
Uri Rosenwaks
Country of production
95 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, Hebrew
Production company
Uri Rosenwaks and Eyal Blachson