Twice Colonized

Lin Alluna

Renowned Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter has led a lifelong fight for the rights of her people. When her son dies to suicide, Aaju embarks on a highly personal journey to bring her colonizers in both Canada and Denmark to justice.

She channels her pain into writing an autobiography and takes on the difficult task of creating a permanent forum for Indigenous issues in the EU, ensuring that Indigenous people have a seat and a voice in European policy. But at the same time Aaju is struggling to break free from an abusive relationship that overshadows her life. This sets her off on a journey to revisit scenes and people from her past, in Greenland, Denmark, Canada and the world.

Fighting for a better future, we see her one moment putting on makeup to hide her bruises and the next speaking at the UN. But as tension builds, a key question arises: is it possible to change the world and yourself at the same time?


Lin Alluna
Country of production
Denmark, Greenland, Canada
90 minutes
Spoken language
Danish, English, Inuktitut, Kalaallisut
Production company
Eye Steel Film
World Sales
AUTLOOK Filmsales