Twin Flower

Laura Luchetti

Against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of Sardinia’s countryside, Anna and Basim find love and comfort in each other. The two teenagers are on the run and longing for peace and safety. Despite the many dangers and perilous circumstances, something beautiful blossoms between them. A wonderful Italian drama about hope, strength and friendship.

Anna, a beautiful Italian teenager, is on the run from Malfredi, a creepy human trafficker who employed her father. When she is harassed by a couple of annoying men, Basim stands up for her and chases off her assailants. Basim has already been on quite a journey. After fleeing the Ivory Coast, he is on his way to a better life in Europe. Without any identity papers, he somehow manages to scrape together a bit of cash to survive. Both teenagers have had to endure intense hardship at a young age and have been abandoned to their fate. The road ahead of them is wide open, their destiny unclear. They are stronger together, so they decide to become friends in order to survive in the mysterious, rugged landscape of Sardinia.


Laura Luchetti
Country of production
96 minutes
Spoken language
Bambara, French, Italian
World Sales
Fandango srl