Until Tomorrow

Ali Asgari

Fereshteh is a young woman living in Tehran. When her parents announce a sudden visit, they must not find out about Fereshteh’s newborn baby. Her secret sets off an odyssey with her baby and her best friend. Beautiful layered story about being a modern woman in present-day Iran.

Fereshteh is a university student and works at a printers’ shop in Tehran. She is also raising her 2-month-old daughter Sadaf alone, something she hasn’t told her parents about. Suddenly, her parents announce they will be at her doorstep that same night. Now Fereshteh has to find a place for Sadaf and erase all traces of her existence.

Together with her tenacious and quick-witted friend Atefeh, she sets off to find anyone willing to take care of her baby until tomorrow. However, they find out that in a society where not everyone has the same rights, young women should weigh carefully who their allies are. Fantastically acted by Sadaf Asgari as Fereshteh and Ghazal Shojaei as Atefeh. Director Ali Asgari (Disappearance) was one of the main guests of the Movies that Matter Festival 2023. 


Ali Asgari
Niki Karimi, Ali Asgari
Country of production
Iran, France
86 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Silk Road Productions
World Sales
MPM Film