Viper Club

Maryam Keshavarz

In this American drama film, Susan Sarandon, as the mother of a journalist who is being held in captivity by IS fighters in Syria, does not have the financial means to satisfy the kidnappers’ ransom demand. She desperately calls upon the authorities to help her but they refuse to negotiate with terrorists. As a last resort she turns to the Viper Club: a group of people that raises money to free abducted reporters. But time is short…

As an experienced nurse, Helen has seen quite some misery at the emergency department of the hospital she works for. Down to earth and loving, she carries a secret that she cannot share with her colleagues: her son went to Syria as a journalist and is now being held by Islamic State terrorists. They ask for ransom, but Helen cannot afford to pay the huge amount of money. The FBI forbids her to go public with the story, but does little to get her son back.

Through one of her son’s friends she gets in touch with a group of people called the Viper Club, consisting of journalists and well-to-do civilians with friends in high places. They dedicate themselves to the liberation of kidnapped journalists. It’s the only lifeline left for Helen, but raising the huge amount of money takes time. Will Helen succeed in bailing out her son before it’s too late?


Maryam Keshavarz
Country of production
United States
109 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
CounterNarrative Films
World Sales
ICM Partners