White Out Black In

Adirley Queirós

An innovative, intriguing futuristic piece about the maimed and traumatized underclass living in the shadows of Brasilia. Two victims of brutal assaults by the police against the black population in the 1980s are seeking justice and plotting a plan which will permanently change the future.

On 5 March 1986, a group of agents raided a discotheque in a suburb of Brasilia. Under the guise of a drug bust, they beat up everyone present... or at least, everyone who was black. The agents shouted: ‘White out, black in.’ White people were allowed to leave, the black people were forced to stay.

Among them were rapper Marquim do Tropa and Sartana (Claudio ‘Shokito’ Irinaeus). The violence was so brutal that Marquim was paralysed from the waist down by the hail of bullets and Sartana lost a leg when he was trampled by a horde of agents. In this film, both men play themselves in a horrific recollection of that gruesome night.

Filmmaker Queriós follows his protagonists in their everyday lives and allows his imagination free reign in order to excise this event from the past. Time travel and a fictitious assault on the district’s capital are part of the protagonist’s newly acquired arsenal. This way, what at first seems like a historically based political documentary becomes a rebellious and therapeutic work of fiction.


Adirley Queirós
Adirley Queirós, Simone Gonçalves
Country of production
95 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Cinco da Norte