White People

Lisa Aschan

One day Alex is arrested and transferred to an underground prison. There she is told that she will be deported from the country, back to the place she once escaped from. Kafkaesque Swedish thriller with overtones of sci-fi about balances of power and hierarchy.

One day the blonde Scandinavian Alex is snatched off the streets and taken to a mysterious underground prison. There she has to await her deportation together with a group of other white people. What they have fled from is not exactly clear. However, what is clear is that they cannot return to the place they came from. The guards are just as aware of this as they are. There is no trial; the only thing the prisoners can do, is wait.

This is not an option for Alex. From the moment she arrives, she leaves no stone unturned to escape, regardless of the consequences. This is not an easy task. The strict management of the prison, under the all-seeing eye of the cold-hearted prison warden Viktoria, rules the facility with an iron fist.

But when it becomes apparent that the warden has big secrets to hide, cracks appear in her authority and the balance of power gradually begins to shift. Contemporary parable about power, coercion and hierarchy in today’s Europe.


Lisa Aschan
Anna-Maria Kantarius
Country of production
Denmark, Finland, Sweden
79 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Garagefilm International
World Sales
The Swedish Film Institute