Who’s Afraid of Nathan Law?

Joe Piscatella

Leader of a revolution at 21. Lawmaker at 23. Most Wanted at 26. With intimate access to the leaders of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution, Who’s Afraid of Nathan Law? chronicles one of the world’s most famous dissidents in his fight for democracy against a superpower.

As a college freshman, shy Nathan Law finds an identity in activism. He helps launch the Umbrella Revolution, a student-led occupation of Hong Kong demanding the government allow citizens to elect their own leaders. This awakens an entire generation of young people. When Law becomes the youngest elected official in Hong Kong history – only to be ousted from the role in a hurry – he helps launch a new movement, further galvanizing the youth of Hong Kong.

When Beijing responds with draconian measures, Law finds himself at a crossroads – committed to the cause of democracy but caught in the crosshairs of the Chinese regime. With incredible access to Law, director Joe Piscatella (Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower) paints a striking picture not only of how quickly a democracy can become a police state, but also of how the voices of today’s youth refuse to be silenced in their call for freedom. 


Joe Piscatella
Mark Rinehart, Matthew Torne
Country of production
United States, Hong Kong
86 minutes
Spoken language
Cantonese, English
Production company
Hero Chaser
World Sales
Cargo Film & Releasing